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Aircraft & Boats
While my main hobby focus has always been cars, I'm also quite interested in airplanes and boats.  This page features some of my aviation and boating toys.

My 1990 Donzi Sweet 16 - very well built boat, good in rough water, exciting

First time at the helm, summer of 1949

1970 Hondo ski boat, photo taken in Canada

Stripping paint from my 1947 Cessna 140 in my mother's driveway, 1968

Cessna 140 at Bloomington, Indiana airport after refurbishing

1958 Cessna 1972 - I painted and reupholstered this airplane and kept it for several years until I had to sell it to raise money to start a car repair business.

Jet propelled surfboard, I tried to sell these on weekends, product was not reliable, photo taken on Altamaha River north of Baxley, GA, early 1970's

The jet board would go about 15 mph with a 6-1/2 hp engine.  All it needed was more speed, more horsepower, and better reliability.

1959 Aero Commander - I flew and maintained this aircraft for 5 years.  I once flew former president Jimmy Carter in this plane.

Sonex Project
Before I grow too old,  I want to fly an airplane I built myself.  So, I have begun fabricating aluminum parts for a plane that will look something like this.  Check my progress on my Sonex Aircraft Project page.
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