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Featured on this page are some of the more memorable vehicles I, and other family members, have used to cruise through life. The cars are presented in roughly the same order as they were acquired.  Each one brings back a lot of memories.

1949 Buick Station Wagon originally owned by my grandparents.  I remember traveling to Canada in this car with my grandfather.

My father's '49 Studebaker Convertible
I remember my friend Dave Fleming getting his middle finger smashed in the door of this car.

1955 Ford Victoria originally owned by my grandparents.  The exterior color was called "Regency Purple" and the interior was pink and white.   I have never seen another in exactly this color combination.  There is probably a good reason for that but it was so outrageous that it was cool.

1955 Ford Victoria Interior.  Far out!  This would be a great cruiser today!

1955 Imperial originally owned by my grandmother.  Everybody loved this car.  It had a 300 HP, 331 Hemi, chrome wire wheels, leather interior, and wide whitewall tires.  The color was white with an emerald green top and the interior was trimmed in white and green.

1955 Imperial Interior.  Another very nice cruiser!
1957 Chrysler 300C originally owned by my father.  This car had a 375 HP Hemi and was quite fast back in the day.  Fit and finish was poor and the car would not start in very cold winter weather.  With its massive size, this car had a lot of inertia and I had to burn a lot of rubber to get it moving at stop lights.
1957 Imperial owned by my grandmother
This car had some nice features but the color combination wasn't what my grandmother expected when she ordered the car.  It was supposed to be a sand color with a metallic brown top but the sand color turned out to be almost pink and she replaced the car rather quickly with a Cadillac - a '59 Eldorado.  I don't have a photo of the Eldo but it was a big improvement.
1959 Karmann Ghia originally owned by my father, shown in driveway with 1957 Imperial.  Before I had a driver's license, I once cruised the local drive-in with half of my 8th grade class in the Ghia.
1960 Chrysler New Yorker station wagon.  This was a very nice car, purchased new by my parents.  It had a 413 Wedge engine and my favorite memory is pulling a 28' long travel trailer 100 MPH.

1959 MGA
My first car!

1963 Corvette Convertible - My first Corvette!  This car had 340 HP, 327,
4-speed, 4.11 Positraction, both tops, and leather interior.  I drove it hard!

1963 Chevy Impala SS Convertible, 300 HP, 327, 4-speed, power steering, power brakes, power windows.  This would still be a great cruiser today.  I wish I'd taken better care of it.
1929 Model "A" Ford with 1930 radiator shell.  This was my first street rod.  I knew I had done something right when the president of the local Model "A" owner's club told me I had ruined the car.
1932 Ford "Low Boy" roadster I built in 1964.  The car had a 371 cubic inch Oldsmobile J-2 engine, Isky Cam, aluminum flywheel, Sting Ray seats, and Stewart Warner Gauges. 
The roadster did great burnouts, often at the expense of the '39 Ford transmission.  I was 18 years old when this photo was taken.  I still cannot believe my mother tolerated, even supported, this type of behavior.
1964 Corvette Convertible 
This car must have been an extension of my manhood as it is the vehicle that somehow made me irresistible to my future wife.

1966 Chevelle SS 396
With 360 HP, 4-speed transmission, and 3.73 positraction rear end, this is the car that endeared me to my future father-in-law and a few traffic cops.

1955 Chevy I built for my brother.  This car had a 348 engine with tri-power and a 409 solid lifter camshaft.  The transmission was a Muncie 4-speed with Hurst shifter.
1968 Corvette
This was my least favorite Corvette.  Build quality was terrible, Astro Ventilation was a joke, and the car leaked, squeaked, and rattled.
1968 Corvette Convertible
I traded the red one for this silver one because the silver car had air conditioning.  I solved the leakage problem by drilling drain holes in the floor.  My wife and I drove this car on our honeymoon and had a good time driving through the Smokey Mountains briskly.
1972 Camaro SS 350, 4-Speed, Positraction
When our first child was born, my wife and I decided we needed a more spacious vehicle so we gave up the Corvette for this.
Fiberfab Liberty SLR Kit Car
I built this car in 1974 using a 289 Ford drive train from a 1965 Mustang, '48 Dodge front axle, and custom tube frame. 
1967 Camaro
I bought this car for my son for his 16th birthday in 1989.  It did not have an engine or transmission at the time.  We installed a 350 engine and TH350 transmission.  He still has the car.
Classic Roadsters 427 Cobra Replica
I built this car with a 351 Windsor engine, and a Warner T-5 transmission.  It had a top, side curtains, and a heater and defroster.  I kept it for about 10 years, autocrossed it, and took it on cruises with car clubs.  I drove it about 25,000 miles in 10 years.
1971 Porsche 911T
I rebuilt the engine and installed suspension upgrades on this car for my brother.  I also autocrossed it a couple of times.  My brother kept the car for nearly 20 years.
1989 Porsche 944S
My son bought this car as a basket case for $500.  I repaired it and he drove it for about 5 years.
1984 Camaro Z-28
I bought this car with only 11,000 miles on it in 1999.  It was a real pooch with the 305 engine but I drove it as a daily driver in good weather for 9 years.
1952 MGTD
This car spent most of its life in Brazil.  It had been disassembled for 20 years.  I did a low budget restoration and re-assembled the car for a friend.
1953 MGTD
I am currently restoring this car.  My wife and I intend to keep it and take some leisurely road trips with it.
2008 Corvette
This is by far the nicest Corvette I have owned.  My wife let me buy it because it reminded her of the car we took on our honeymoon.  It is very comfortable and keeps up with traffic real well.
1953 MGTD - Restoration completed in 2012.  Photo taken in front impeccably maintained home originally owned by my grandparents.


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