Bruce Loos
Automotive Hobbies
Go Karts
Before I had a driver's license, I built models and raced go karts.  I learned to weld, paint, rebuild engines, and service bearings.  I also learned how to improve a vehicle's reliability, make it handle better, accelerate faster, stop faster, and what the tradeoffs are.  I learned how to drive smoothly, concentrate, and anticipate things that could go wrong.  Here are a few old photos of the go karts.
Racing at Baer Field Raceways, Fort Wayne, Indiana, July 1962
My younger brother and me at the track

Drivers's Meeting

My sons on Dune bug I built for them in 1983

Original Go-Kart, built from kit,  kit cost $129.95 (unwelded w/engine) in 1959

Twin engines ruled in 1962

We had fun, learned a lot, and won a couple trophies too!
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