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In my ongoing quest to build interesting cars, I've put together a couple of kit cars.  While every project car I've done has turned out a little better than the previous, even the best kit cars are relatively crude when compared to production cars.  The thing you really learn is how many compromises there are when designing an automobile, or any other machine for that matter.

1970 - Fiberfab Liberty Kit
This is the way the kit arrived.  I didn't know it at the time but it was going to take years before this car would be driveable.

The finished product parked next to my former employer's Citation Jet.

Kit cars came a long way in the 15 years between the time I purchased the Liberty kit and the time it was completed.  By that time, I wanted to build a Cobra kit.  I ordered a kit from Classic Roadsters but the company went out of business and I lost my deposit.  I traded the Liberty for this partially assembled Classic Roadsters Cobra replica.

I autocrossed the Cobra for a couple of years.  The results were not great but I did win a couple trophies and it was great fun to steer the car with the throttle and a flick of the wrist.

The Liberty kit used a rectangular steel frame, '48 Dodge truck front suspension, and '65 Mustang driveline.  This car had a 289 Ford engine.

Here is another shot of the finished car.  I sometimes wonder how many of these kits were sold and how many were actually finished.  If anyone has a finished one, I'd like to see some photos.

When finished, my Cobra replica was an excellent car compared to the Liberty.  It had a top, side curtains, heater, defroster, 351 Windsor engine, 5-speed transmission, 4-wheel disc brakes, and late model Mustang front suspension.  Still, you had to concentrate all the time when driving it and the suspension was too stiff with limited travel.

My son polishing the Cobra with hope I'll let him drive it one day.  I never did and he knows why.  I kept the Cobra for about 10 years and drove it about 25,000 miles during that time.  The buyer flew into Fort Wayne, Indiana to pick up the car and drove it straight thru to the Boston, Ma area in very cold, early spring weather.
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