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My very first car was a 1959 MGA which I acquired in 1961.  It was a great little sports car that endured a fair amount of abuse with me at the wheel.  As always, I learned a few things working on MGs.    Now, years later, I have renewed appreciation for what the MGs were.  I have restored a 1952 MGTD for a friend and I am in the process of restoring a 1953 MGTD for my wife.

1959MGA - My first car!

1952 MGTD - This car came from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  It had been disassembled for 20 years.  I put it back together for a friend on a limited budget.  This photo shows the car as it arrived at my shop.

Teardown of 1952 MGTD

Engine Installation

Here is the car from Brazil, ready for the road.  The car had quite a few parts missing but it turned out very well considering the budgetary constraints.

1953 MGTD - Barn Find

Of all the cars I've refurbished, my wife liked the 1952 MG the best.  I found this 1953 TD in a barn a few years ago and I am in the process of restoring it.  This is a very complete, one-owner car with a documented history.  It had been in the barn for more than 20 years and had not been run in that time.  This car will be a keeper.

Teardown of 1953 MG.  Note rotted wood.  A lot of it will need to be replaced.

Engine condition was a little rough.

Chassis refurbishing and wood replacement

Progress!  New skin installed on tub.

More Progress!  The body has been painted silverstreak gray metallic and the Engine has been rebuilt.


The engine looks a lot better after major overhaul. 

The dashboard has been recovered.  The interior will be new red leather.   The folding soft top will be tan material similar to original only better.  Stay tuned for more updates, this project is moving right along now that I'm retired.

At last, the car is finished.  Marquart's Custom Interiors did a fantastic job on the top and interior trim.

I really like the steel spare tire cover.  It is an aftermarket accessory from the 1950's.  Jim Studinski added a subtle pinstripe to the cover just for a little hot rod touch.  Also, I was surprised to get the vanity plate I wanted.

The dash turned out very well.  All the instruments are original.  Only the speedometer needed repair.  The steering wheel is new.  The emergency brake handle was re-chromed.  New seats are all leather.

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